Michael Potash
San Marcos Comuters LLC
Did exactly what I needed.

I've put a few real time jobs through the unit though. So far:

#1 - Laptop drive Linux wouldn't recognize at all. Was able to fire up with RapidSpar and retrieve the data.

#2 - Laptop drive. Initially showed read errors with RDT. I stopped what I was doing and easily retrieved data with RS.

# 3 - Laptop drive. A bit of a mystery. Customer did not care about data just wanted a new drive and fresh install. I only had the drive for a short amount of time. Spun with no noises. Linux would not recognize. Attached to RS, drive recognized, heads good. When attempting to recover data RS claimed no recognizable file format. (If I recall correctly). Customer came back at that time and took the computer and old drive. So I wasn't able to investigate further.

#4 & #5 were healthy. Used RS to image drives that I was flopping around in customer's Macbooks

# 6. 2 TB Seagate 3.5" drive with bad sectors. Imaging now to a new drive. 45% complete in about an hour if I remember the time correctly.

So far, so good though. I recovered at least 1 that I wouldn't have been able to recover otherwise. And all but 1 of the others were smooth as silk. Did exactly what I needed.

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